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Mangatu Digital Archive

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Rutene Irwin - Changes and developments on Mangatu

Rutene Irwin - Maumaharatanga 1939 the army returning to and research for Mangatu

Rutene Irwin - Fondest Memory on Mangatu

Rutene Irwin - Whakawhitiwhiti whenua, Land Claims, Waitangi Tribunal

Rutene Irwin - Whenua o Mangatu land claims

Rutene Irwin - Hoki mai e hika ma, ki Mangatu

Hohepa & Rutene -Changes and developments on the Mangatu Farms

Rutene Irwin - Explanation of the Mangatu Farm Station Names

Rutene Irwin - Amalgamation of the Mangatu Committees

Hohepa (Tiny) Brown - Key Mangatu People

Mangatu Pukutarewa Stud Farm

Charlie Pera & Rutene Irwin - Mangatu Manutukutuku News Paper

Charlie Pera - Aspirations for Mangatu

Hohepa (Tiny) Brown - Vision for Mangatu

Hohepa (Tiny) Brown - Inspiration to stay and work on Mangatu

Hohepa (Tiny) Brown - Developments on the Mangatu farms

Charlie Pera - Fondest Memory on Mangatu

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